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A review of all products at The ClickBank Guide which are personally used and endorsed by the webmaster, Harvey Segal of SuperTips


1) ClickBank add-on tools

1.1) easyClickMate

1.2) Affiliate Cloner

1.3) ClickBank Storefronts

2) Site building and design

2.1) Web Design Mastery

2.2) The Absolute Beginners Guide to CGI

3) Ebook related

3.1) Activ E-book Compiler

3.2) eCoverGenerator

3.3) How to Write and Publish an eBook in 7 Days

4. Other

4.1) The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs

4.2) easyClick404

1.1 easyClickMate

This is a product developed for ClickBank vendors to overcome some of the restrictions inherent in the ClickBank system, specifically

  • You have no knowledge of your affiliates
  • All affiliate links are directed to just one page
  • It is possible for an affiliate to lose out on his commission if a site visitor replaces his nickname.

I have chosen easyClickMate to run my affiliate operations at ClickBank .

Here is how I use it:

Take a look at the Join the SuperTips Affiliates page for items which I sell via ClickBank.

Follow the instructions to become an affiliate and you will arrive at the sign-up page provided by easyClickMate. This controls who joins the affiliate program and provides the affiliate links.

Affiliates can sign up safe in the knowledge that when they promote it their visitors will not be able to deprive them of their commission.

I can track the number of hits and sales of my affiliates and they can check their stats. On each sale they receive an automatic email with full details of the item sold.

NOTE. If you wish to sign up and purchase these books under your own affiliate link please do: in this case I know that you have not arrived at this site via another affiliate.

As I find more products to sell I simply add the details to the easyClickMate control panel and all the links are automatically generated.

click Click here for easyClickMate

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1.2 Affiliate Cloner

Affiliate Cloner solves 3 major problems for affiliates
- how to link directly to a ClickBank order page
- how to protect your affiliate link
- how to link to an individual ClickBank product when a vendor has multiple products in one account.

To see an example of the first feature in action:

Here is the sales page for How to Write and Publish an eBook in 7 Days

If I wanted to bypass the page and use my own write-up (with the vendor's permission) Affiliate Cloner provides me with this link.

click Click here for Affiliate Cloner

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1.3 ClickBank Storefronts

ClickBank storefronts display the products in the ClickBank Marketplace together with a powerful search facility. Every product is encoded with your affiliate nickname so that you receive commission for every purchase.

There are two very profitable ways that I use a storefront.

1. The basic function - by allowing searches of the MarketPlace and receiving commission when products are purchased.

2. As it is such a powerful tool for ClickBank affiliates I receive commission from the sale of the storefront itself.

click Click here for ClickBank Storefronts

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2.1 Web Design Mastery

Reviewed in an issue of the SuperTips Ezine:

(NOTE. To subscribe to this Ezine click here).

A new book landed on my desk this week with a thud. Well I know that ebooks can't make a sound so we'll call it an e-thud.

It's an epic, two years in the making - a bit like Ben Hur.

I've only reviewed a few books before in my newsletter and when I saw the title 'Web Design Mastery' I expected to see the usual chapters about HTML code.

Well they were certainly there . . . along with Javascript, Cascading style sheets, advanced forms, graphics, web hosting, search engine optimization, credit card processing, autoresponders, web site promotion, writing sales copy, ezine publishing, ebook creation, lots more - plus minisites of course -

... and that was just Volume 1 !

In Volume 2 we have advanced web design with chapters on templates, email forms and topics I am completely unfamiliar with such as image rollover and image dicing.

If you have read my ebook Guru Magic you will recognize the authoress: Shelley Lowery who is one of the featured experts.

It was Shelley who produced the cover for the book. We exchanged countless Emails to get it right not because I wanted changes but until Shelley herself was finally happy. In other words a real professional who insists on producing a first class job.

And that's how you will find this book - it's an immaculate presentation.

One reader advised Shelley: "put it into print and sell it for $79.95 a copy. I am positive Sam's Publishing Company could sell several million copies"

I would second that but I have 3 critical points to make

  • 1. It was a waste of time mentioning a 12 month money back guarantee. No one will return this book. In a year's time you will still be diving into the huge reference section (that's Volume 3) looking up some rare code.
  • 2. The title Web Design Mastery only conveys a fraction of what the book is about: it's really the complete guide to designing and marketing an ecommerce website.
  • 3. Why is Shelley selling it for such a low price ?

Hurry to her site before she changes her mind.

click Click here for Web Design Mastery

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2.2 The Absolute Beginners Guide to CGI

It took just a 10 minute glance through the chapters of this EBook to discover, as a CGI novice, that

  • CGI is not as daunting as it sounds
  • you don't need to be a programmer to use it

This ebook is easy to follow - and pitched at exactly the right level for a beginner.

It starts with a good illustration of how CGI works and explains the cgi-bin.

Key sections cover the installation of scripts, with a working example, and file permissions.

There is advice on choosing scripts and where to obtain them.

Other topics include server side includes, errors and debugging, and security issues

Conclusion: CGI offers countless possibilities for the website owner and this ebook is an excellent introduction.

click Click here for
The Absolute Beginners Guide to CGI

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3.1 Activ E-book Compiler

I carried out extensive research on a number of ebook compilers which required a rebranding or customizing feature.

Here is the testimonial which I sent to the author Sunil Tanna.

I don't think that words like 'awesome' and 'outstanding' do enough justice to both Activ E-book and the resources at your web site.

Every time I think of a feature I would like in the book I find it's already there !

The idea of explaining exactly how to sell a book using ClickBank is a master stroke.

But on top of all this every time I send a question by Email a helpful reply comes back in no time at all - I'm still waiting for answers from other suppliers.

Amidst all this sheer professionalism just one criticism - I think you left out a zero in the price of the book.

Click here for click Activ E-book Compiler

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3.2 eCoverGenerator

A professional looking cover is now an essential requirement for the success of an ebook.

After using a professional designer to create the covers for my first two ebooks I decided to look for a software product which would allow me to do it myself.

Having never used any kind of graphic package I was seeking a tool which would be quick and easy to use and yet produce a first rate cover.

I chose eCover Generator which was highly recommended.

Here is the cover I created the same day I purchased it.

click Click here for eCoverGenerator

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3.3 How to Write and Publish an eBook in 7 Days

A top selling ebook at ClickBank by Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale

If you are indecisive about whether to make the leap into ebook publishing then this is the book for you.

It will sweep away any doubts about your ability to write (or even to type).

Plus it will give you the motivation to take the most important step - getting started. The story of a 7-page best seller should work wonders.

Written by authors with proven track records of producing successful books the highlights for me included

  • how to choose a profitable niche topic
  • a detailed section on how to create books in the popular PDF format, together with a set of rules for good formatting
  • great advice on ongoing profits from the use of resale rights and backend sales
  • actual case studies of successful authors

click Click here for How to Write and Publish an eBook in 7 Days

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4.1 The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs

This is not a product but a free information resource site which describes how ad tracking programs work, how they differ, what to look for and provides product reviews.

Also included is a collection of over 20 ways to use an ad tracker.

As it is my own site I'll let Phil Wiley, the authority on minisites, give his verdict

Your ad-tracking site is excellent... you can't really add any more to it. What else is there to say?

If I update my book it would make a perfect example of a theme site

click Click here for
The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs

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4.2 easyClick404

The basic purpose of easyClick404 is to intercept all visits to a website where the page is missing and take appropriate action - instead of just allowing the standard 404 error page to be flashed up.

However read on ...

There are many ways to use easyClick404.

Some examples:

  • 1) You would be surprised at the number of attempts made every day to gain access to the products I sell with ClickBank here

    How do I know this ?

    Well easyClick404 shows me all the different combinations of Urls being visited which end with guessed file names such as thankyou.htm, thank-you.htm, download.htm etc

    It reports back to me immediately before cleverly redirecting the visitor to an alternative page.

  • 2) I continually find broken links at my site where disused products used to appear. I can now intercept and divert the visitor to an alternative product.
  • 3) My favourite: I use it to track responses to postings in forums where tracking is frowned upon while providing an apparently legitimate Url ( Details at the site)

There's more ! Click here (opens a new window).

click Click here for easyclick404

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