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ClickBank is now used by over 10,000 vendors to sell over 50,000 digital products (ebooks and software) - with the assistance of over 100,000 affiliate marketers.


Affiliates can simply add any of the ClickBank products to their site or their ads and earn commission (up to 75%) on the sales. It's free to become an affiliate.

Visit the Affiliate Guide to find

  • A free Ebook for ClickBank newbies
  • How to open a ClickBank account
  • How to choose products from the ClickBank Marketplace
  • How to calculate your commission
  • How to stop your commission from being 'stolen'
  • How to detect factors which will reduce your chance of getting commission
  • Free guides on promoting an affiliate program and tracking your promotions


Vendors can use ClickBank to handle the complete ordering process and to manage their affiliate programs. ClickBank will automatically pay sales commissions to any affiliate that links a paying customer to the vendor. ClickBank bills the customer, pays the vendor, and pays the affiliate.

Visit the Vendor Guide to find

  • A free Ebook showing how to boost your affiliate sales
  • Tips on operating a ClickBank vendor account
  • How to price your product
  • How to control the affiliate process
  • Tools to resolve various ClickBank restrictions and enhance the selling process
  • How to use the ClickBank MarketPlace


Other resources available at this site include

  • All your ClickBank questions answered at the FAQ page
  • Comprehensive list of ClickBank 3rd party products, including ClickBank storefronts and security products
  • Recommended 3rd party tools
  • How to produce and sell your own digital products on the Net
  • Latest news from ClickBank

Free ClickBank Books

ClickBank for Newbies

Don't be misled by the title.

This book is for both ClickBank newbies AND veterans.

With a viral marketing strategy built in.

More information here

ClickBank Marketplace SuperTips

Aimed at both affiliates and vendors.

With a viral marketing strategy built in.

More information here

ClickBank Upsell SuperTips

ClickBank vendors - proven techniques to increase your sales

ClickBank affiliates - a viral opportunity to earn you commissions.

More information here

ClickBank Commission SuperTips

ClickBank can pay you commission in many different ways (even if you don't make a sale)

More information here

Premium ClickBank Books

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

There are thousands of affiliate programs you can join at ClickBank - and thousands of affiliates.

Discover how to select and promote a successful program, and the unique tips to put you ahead of other affiliates.

More information here

ClickBank Vendor SuperTips

Affiliates hit the big time when they become vendors.

Why not have affiliates working for YOU !

More information here

Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !

Clickbank makes it easy for customers to request a refund.

Discover the cutting-edge strategies that ensure that YOURS will never want to.

More information here

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