ClickBank Tracking

The key factor in the successful promotion of products is the ability to track and test your results.

If you can identify which ads or promotional methods are producing sales (as opposed to just website hits) then you can discard advertising that is not working and run more ads that are making you profits.

ClickBank provides an option to append a tracking code to the affiliate hoplink but if you want to carry out extensive tracking the ideal solution is to use an ad tracker as described below.

Note: The extra benefits of ad trackers are that they can do far more than simply track ads. See this article 23 Ways to use an Ad Tracker

For Vendors

Use an ad tracking program which can track an 'action' such as a sale. This is achieved by adding a line of tracking code to the thank-you page. See Ad Tracker FAQ for more information.

For Affiliates

The solution for vendors (above) is not possible for affiliates as they cannot access the thank-you page. So you need to use an ad tracking program which can track events at a remote site.

Check out the tracking programs here


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