ClickBank And AdSense

A popular method for web site owners to earn revenue from advertising is to display Google ads (called AdSense) at their site. These ads are relevant to the content of the page and Google pays you each time an ad is clicked.

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Although Google Ads is a free service there are some disadvantages, for example

  • Your site needs to be approved by Google
  • There are restrictions on ad placement
  • You have no control over the ad content
  • If a visitor clicks though and makes a sale you do not benefit
  • You only receive pennies per click

As a result a number of alternative products have been developed which provide these features:

  • The ads are for ClickBank products
  • You earn full affiliate commission (rather than pay per click) for any sale
  • The keywords are either automatically determined from the page content or you can specify them yourself
  • You have full control over ad placement
  • You may have superior reporting stats than with AdSense

The products have a common operation: they present a form where you can customize the ad blocks and generate the code that you then paste onto the pages where you want the ads to appear.

Current product list:

1. CBProAds

CBProAds allows you to show ads in a variety of formats, viz
-Widget ads
-Contextual ads
-Banner ads
-List Image ads
-Block Image ads
-Carousel Image ads
-Slide ads
-Scroll ads

In addition it provides ClickBank storefront capabilities.

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Clickbank Products

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