ClickBank With AdWords

"The fastest and simplest way to make money with ClickBank"

Without doubt the quickest way to generate traffic to a site is by using Google AdWords.

(AdWords are the small ads that you see in the right column of the page after a Google search. For a full explanation and sign-up visit Google AdWords)

Here are the reasons why AdWords are so successful

  • You can have your ad posted immediately and similarly make changes instantly. Other pay-per-click search engines may take days to approve your ad.
  • You have complete control over the running of your ad campaign including the ability to put limits on spending, pause ads and restrict the audience, together with extensive stats on the performance.
  • The ranking of your ad does not solely depend on your bid price, it includes the CTR (clickthrough rate) which results from the pulling power or effectiveness of your ad.

1. Why is it so simple to sell ClickBank products with AdWords ?

Because there are just two things you need to get right

  • Choose the right ClickBank product
  • Set up an effective AdWords campaign

Let's explore these steps in more detail

NOTE: At this point if you are NEW to both ClickBank AND AdWords stop right here and come back later. Here is the book specially written for you.

2. Choosing the right product

We will cover where to look for products in a moment but first a word about choosing the right product. Some of the factors you need to explore

  • Is it worth promoting - look at product price and commission rates. You should aim for products with a reasonable rate of commission, no lower than 40% say, to make your efforts worthwhile.
  • How effective is the sales page - visit the sales page of the product to confirm that the sales copy does a good job of selling the product.
  • Check out the affiliate support and credibility of the vendor - you want someone reliable who won't disband a program or make rule changes without telling you.
  • Look for sales page "leaks" whereby the commission rightfully due to you as the affiliate goes instead to the vendor.

Now the place to look for ClickBank products is the Marketplace where several thousand vendors display their products in an organized directory.

Here is a free tool which will allow you to search the Marketplace and help pinpoint the ideal product: CBEngine.

3. Setting up an effective AdWords campaign

The great thing about AdWords of course is that you don't need to use any of the techniques necessary for high search engine rankings. The positioning of your ad depends solely on the wording and presentation and the bid amount.

There are many techniques to improve the CTR while at the same time minimizing your cost. Very often it is minute changes which can make all the difference and turn a poor campaign into one which steadily and continually pulls in sales. For example, the addition of a special word, capitalization of some words, the use of negative keywords.

By continual (and patient) refinement of your ads and using the split-testing feature provided you can gradually improve the performance.

And once you attain this with one campaign for a particular product you can simply repeat the process for another product and another as you continue to improve your skills with posting AdWords.

But be aware that there is a learning curve and as a result there have been a number of ebooks produced by AdWords specialists.

Here is one of the best: The Beginners Guide to Overnight Traffic

4. Tracking your results

You can extract masses of useful statistics from the AdWords systems showing how your ads generated clicks to your site. But ideally you would also want to get tracking stats to help tie in a particular ad to the resultant action at your site, such as a thank-you page representing a sale. Google offers a conversion tracking tool requiring you to place some code on the action page to allow this.

As a ClickBank affiliate you would want to track your visitor's actions at an affiliate site - where you cannot add code to a page. To see how to do this visit ClickBank Tracking


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