ClickBank FAQ

1. Questions from Vendors

1.1) Can your affiliates link to separate product pages ?

When a vendor has multiple items in an account he can only provide one 'landing' page for his affiliates. You can bypass this restriction, details here

1.2) Can your affiliates link directly to the order form ?

There is an unofficial link that can provide this and also a 3rd party product. Details here

1.3) How do you get an item in the MarketPlace ?

The Marketplace rules are explained here

1.4) Is there a limit on the cost of an item ?

There is a standard limit of $50 on products sold at ClickBank. However in rare circumstances they may approve limits up to $250 or even more

1.5) How can I accept payment via another payment gateway and pay commission ?

Have an affiliate landing page which only offers ClickBank and a separate page for your own sales where you can offer both other payment gateways and ClickBank

1.6) Multiple products in an account or multiple accounts ?

The pros and cons are described here.


2. Questions from Affiliates

2.1) How can I link to an individual product page ?

See product links

2.2) How can I link directly to an order page ?

See order form link

2.3) Which affiliate gets the commission ?

If a customer has visited a sales page on more than one occasion, using leads from different affiliates, there is a rule which decides which affiliate receives the commission, explained here


3. Other Questions

3.1) Are there other tools to search the MarketPlace ?

There are 3rd party products - click here

3.2) Is there in-depth reporting available of my ClickBank sales and commissions ?

Check out the 3rd party tools here.

3.3) How does ClickBank handle VAT ?

See this page.

3.4) Why is my credit card purchase rejected ?

See this section - ClickBank Buyers

3.5) What are the possible security problems for the ClickBank client ?

See this section - ClickBank Security

3.6) How can you track where your ClickBank sales come from ?

See this section - ClickBank Tracking

3.7) Is it true that a customer can poach the affiliate commission ?

It is true.

See the article How To Stop ClickBank Link Theft