Dear Vendor,

I notice that at your site you have an enticing link to "make money as an affiliate"

There is a problem here for current affiliates in that a potential customer may decide to become an affiliate just to purchase the product and we lose out.

There's no ideal solution to this problem: having a 2nd tier program may help but ClickBank does not provide this.

Although this does not directly affect you in the short term, as you still make the sale, eventually it could demotivate your real affiliates. Conversely if that statement was removed and you conveyed that fact to your affiliates they would certainly be more enthusiastic.

After all, visitors to your site are not looking for affiliate opportunities they are actually seeking your product.

You could in fact make the purchase of your product even more inviting by saying that after purchase the customer can "make money as an affiliate".

One way to implement this is to include a note about affiliates in an FAQ: for example

Yes, we do have an affiliate program - but it's a privilege that we extend only to our valued customers and a few selected joint-venture partners. We view our affiliates as our partners - your success means our success.

Therefore, to protect the interests of our partners, our affiliate program is not open to the general public. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a partnership/joint-venture, please send me an email

This may mean less sales for us initially, but we felt that it is only right to guard the interest of our affiliates.

Any thoughts about this idea ?


Your Affiliate

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