Recommended 3rd Party Tools

The products that I recommend below are the ones that I personally use here at the ClickBank Guide site. Follow the links to see exactly how I use them.

Harvey Segal


For Vendors

1. Affiliate Management:

To control all aspects of affiliate management I use easyClickMate

2. ClickBank Tracking:

To track sales, ROI and keyword conversion for ClickBank products I use AdTrackZ Gold

3. Download Manager:

For security and thank-you page protection I use DLGuard and easyClickGuard


For Affiliates

1. Link Protection:

Your ClickBank nickname in the basic affiliate link can always be replaced, depriving you of your commission. To protect my links I use Affiliate Cloner

2. Promoting the MarketPlace:

To provide a version of the ClickBank MarketPlace with powerful search facilities where all products contain my affiliate link I use ClickBank storefronts

3. Finding Products:

To search for suitable products to promote I use these tools