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ClickBank is the ideal solution if you want to offer digital products (ebooks and software) on the Net: in particular

  • ClickBank lets you accept online credit card payments without getting your own merchant account and handles the whole ordering process for you.
  • ClickBank is the fastest and easiest way to create an affiliate program and to have an affiliate network generating sales for you. With so many affiliates now selling ClickBank products it is quite easy to get affiliates to sell your product.

1. How To Sell Your Own Ebooks

If you want to learn how to produce and sell your own Ebooks here is a step by step guide.

1.1 What can I write about ?

How to Write and Publish an eBook in 7 Days - even if you are a novice.

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As an alternative see 'How To Create Your Own E-book Without Ever Writing A Word'

1.2 How do I create an ebook ?

Try the FREE demo of Activ E-book Compiler

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1.3 How can I add an ebook cover ?

You don't need any technical knowledge, it's all automated with Cover Factory

1.4 How do I build an ebook website ?

For a complete site building solution check out Site Build It.

1.5 How do I price my ebook ?

Here is a FREE book which will help accurately identify your product's most profitable price point. Also a calculator to work out the shareout for the vendor and affiliate after payment of the ClickBank transaction fees.

Click to the Calculator page.

1.6 How do I promote my ebook ?

For an extensive review of all the different methods of promotion here is a free book: Make Your Site Sell

For immediate results, the quickest ways to drive qualified visitors to your web site or ebook is using AdWords

1.7 How do I capture contact details

When you have a subscriber or customer base you can follow up with mailings. To see how it's done click here

1.8 How can I track and test the results of my promotions ?

Use ad tracking programs. These powerful marketing tools can also have many other uses. See The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs

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Anyone can write and sell an ebook

An alternative approach

Let ClickBank help you.

More information here

2. How To Sell Other People's Products

The previous section showed how to develop your own product. An alternative is to purchase the resale rights to an existing product: this would replace steps 1.1 - 1.3 above.

More information here

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