ClickBank Storefronts

1. What is a storefront ?

A ClickBank storefront is a shopping mall which displays the products from the ClickBank MarketPlace. Storefront products may offer a variety of features including

  • customizable appearance to match your own site
  • powerful search facilities of the MarketPlace such as searching across selected categories, restriction of search to title or description, boolean search e.g using AND/OR
  • a search box installed at your site
  • embedded search links at your site to a keyword or to a MarketPlace subcategory

2. How do you make money from a storefront ?

When you purchase a storefront every product is encoded with your affiliate link. You receive full affiliate commission for any product purchased.

This makes it a high demand product for ClickBank affiliates and you can also join the storefront affiliate program and collect commission for sales of the storefront itself.

The key to success with a storefront is to send visitors directly to a niche page that matches your target market as opposed to sending them to the storefront home page which displays all the products in the storefront.

For example, suppose you want to promote all the books which have 'AdSense' in the title or description. Here are the resultant search pages from - CBProAds

3. Two types of storefront

Storefronts can operate in two ways

On site: you install the storefront at your site

Off site: the storefront resides at the site of the supplier

Advantages of each type:

- On site storefront uses your own domain name

- Off site storefront does not require installation

4. Product Reviews

A review of storefront products follows.


  • As products continually get updated always visit the actual site to check details and costs.
  • Sites will make claims of 100% search of the MarketPlace and 'x' number of products. However the number of products within the MarketPlace constantly changes and each ClickBank search engine uses different technologies. So the best way to evaluate them is to ignore the marketing claims and try them out for yourself. Test them by comparing and examining the number and quality of results for various search terms, especially terms relevant to your niche.

On Site

Off Site

1. CBRocket

6. CBProAds

No longer available

2. CBPress

6. CBProAds

No longer available

4. CBmall

5. 1stPromotion

1: CBRocket

Price $49.95
Trial/Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Search facility

Search box on site, embedded keyword links. Search across title and description

Ignores noise words, handles most plural words and common variations

Sorts results by relevance - the best matches are shown higher.

Storefront Presentation Totally customizable. Blend it into your existing web site. You can also customize the look and feel of search results (example: number of items per page)
Other features XML datafeed - can also earn ClickBank affiliate commissions and product listings can optionally include virtual covers/box images and prices.

Can display targeted text ads (fully customizable appearance) based on keywords that you supply or your web page's TITLE tag.

Affiliate ids not visible with View Source.

Option to filter out ClickBank products that match whatever keywords that you specify (e.g. all casino products)

More Information CBRocket


2: CBPress

Price $37 (introductory offer)
Trial/Guarantee 60 day money-back guarantee. Free demo.
Search facility

This ClickBank Storefront is a WORDPRESS plugin which makes it unique from other ClickBank Marketplace scripts.

Search box on site.

Storefront Presentation

Create products lists with Wordpress shortcodes to embed in pages, posts or on page columns. Create full ClickBank Marketplace or Category Niche Marketplaces.

Can also add non-ClickBank products.

CBpress doubles as a full affiliate product management tool. It’s not just for ClickBank products!

Other features

Push button import of the entire ClickBank marketplace. Takes less than 60 seconds.

Filter products by gravity, commission, recurring and rank. For example if you want to only show products with over 100 gravity you can easily sort and update to show only those products on your CBpress blog.

Can rewrite titles and descriptions for better conversions.

Affiliate ids are cloaked. TID tracking available.

Can turn off products you don’t like and arrange which order they appear. Plus, much, much more!

More Information CBPress


4: CBmall

Price $47 / $97
Trial/Guarantee 90 days money-back guarantee
Search facility Selectable category search. Searches vendor pages for more accurate results. Search box on site
Storefront Presentation Customizable featured link at the top of every page
Other features

1. Complete link cloaking, no hoplinks or affiliate IDs visible in source code or address bar for maximum security

2. Contains top 5% performing sites, manually edited for maximum sales, accurate descriptions and category fit.

3. Supports multiple affiliate programs: plus other bonus features (see site)

4. Built-in autoresponders with your links in every message

More Information CBmall


5: 1stPromotion

Price $79
Trial/Guarantee 90 days money-back guarantee
Search facility Search box and choice of 6 different plugins for your other websites
Storefront Presentation Fully customizable. Can add your own banner and/or logo to site. Add your own featured link to site's navigation bar. Choose from a selection of 6 color schemes and templates. Multiple other programs integrated into your website.
Other features Complete link cloaking, no hoplinks or affiliate IDs visible in source code or address bar for maximum security
More Information 1stPromotion


6: CBProAds

Price $59.95 (but see discount for ClickBank Guide visitors)
Trial/Guarantee 60 days money-back guarantee
Search facility Search the entire storefront either by sub category or a keyword
Storefront Presentation Provides storefronts in two variants.
i) As an affiliate storefront
ii) As a WordPress Plugin

Also it provides more than 60 premade niche storefronts to choose from.

Other features

Here are some UNIQUE features.

1) It shows only REDEFINED ( Improved) title & descriptions. Absolutely NO non-informative affiliate information on title & descriptions.

2) All links are cloaked according to Clickbank's encryption algorithm.

3) It uses a Central redefined XML feed (which is updated daily) instead of the normal Marketplace feed thus providing the following advantages

a) It shows price & cover image of all products

b) If ClickBank changes its XML feed data structure. your storefront/plugins will not go down

More Information CBProAds