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I just wanted to tell you how helpful your ClickBank Supertips Guide and newsletter has been. Your newsletter is easy to digest and consistently delivers information that is essential for ClickBank vendors and affiliates.

I appreciate your devotion towards helping inform your subscribers about Internet marketing news and the latest updates and breaking news regarding ClickBank. As far as I'm concerned, this IS the "Official" ClickBank Newsletter!

Michael Rasmussen


Congratulations on a really outstanding job of pointing out how to utilize ClickBank the smart way. I'm convinced that following your tips will help affiliates generate a much higher income than could be accomplished without your sound advice.

Ellery Coleman


Harvey! I've subscribed to your newsletter, and loved your site... I've learned a lot just by visiting. =) I will be including a link to your site on the affiliates page of the bookstore, as I think it's one that everyone using ClickBank should see

GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano


What an informative website for potential ClickBank users. This website takes all of the guess work out of setting up a ClickBank account, and at the same time provides a significant amount of great information about how to price and market your product.

There is also great advice about finding affiliates to help sell your products. Very well done! Very easy to understand. You taught me something.

Mike McGroarty



Reviews for the ebook: ClickBank SuperTips


Your ClickBank Supertips book is a great resource for anyone looking to get complete information on how to do business using ClickBank. Well written and packed with information, it is a valuable resource.

ClickBank Supertips is the most frequently downloaded book at CBmall. Over 300 people got it last month! Thank you.

Jeff Mulligan


ClickBank Supertips is a quick and easy read, and very nicely formatted. It contains invaluable AND hard-to-find -anywhere-else information on ClickBank.

And this is one time when I think the e-book is more important than the original site. Great stuff, Harvey!

Steve Nash


I'm just looking over your book, and I must say, you've done a wonderful job with it! Congratulations, and thank you!

I can't wait to start offering it to the affiliates of my Bookstore, so much great information is sure to be popular! I'm also thinking of using it as a bonus for my newlsletter subscribers.

GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano


Your secret method for obtaining affiliates' information helped me find an affiliate who was willing to spend his advertising budget on my products. So all I did was... give him a few tips to make this a much more beneficial partnership. And this has already resulted in three sales and $40.58.

But your ebook goes way beyond this by providing affiliates and vendors with simple and useful tips. It also gave me a few ideas of how I can improve my affiliate program...
And your calculator is so valuable -- I fell in love with it!
You've created a very useful guide, Harvey!

Dmitry Nanev


Excellent book Harvey. That is certainly one to offer to my subscribers next week. Thanks for all your hard work

Martin Avis


Excellent ebook!!! It's really informative and I love it. I can't wait to get your customized feature to pass it on on my site.

Keep up the good work!

Kathy Pai


If I had this book 3 months ago, I would have saved many countless hours scouring the net and forums for tips on using ClickBank in the most efficient and profitable manner !

Chap 3 (Tips for Affiliates) and Chap 5 (Tips for Vendors) are real gems - lots of hard-earned tips !

A Must Read for Everyone using ClickBank !

Excellent work Harvey !

Adrian Ling


ClickBank SuperTips is great!

A couple of days before downloading it I was thinking there wasn't any more free ebooks worth downloading... But I decided to read yours because the website had so many good tips and tools for using ClickBank that I got really curious. When I read your ebook I couldn't stop. It was late in the evening and I knew that soon I had to get up to go to work...better get some sleep I was thinking... but I couldn't stop reading it! It's over three years I know ClickBank and I check for things to work well with it. Well, ClickBank SuperTips contains more tips and tools than I have found browsing online for a long time...

Your ebook is proof that there still are some people who are giving real knowledge and useful tips for free. I will tell my readers to download it as soon as possible, because I have the feeling it won't be free for long... it's too good to be free!

Thank you again,

Saul Burton


I now have all of Harvey's "Super Tip" eBooks, and I've found them to be some of the best "free" eBooks on the Internet. They aren't your run-of-the-mill eBooks filled with a ton of affiliate links and worthless information - they have worthwhile information that can really be applied and used by anyone selling information products or promoting affiliate programs. I particularly love ClickBank Super Tips.

Lauren Tennent


Thanks Harvey for the great ebook. I have this on my desktop as I refer to it often. In my opinion it should be mandatory reading for all affiliates and vendors

Jeff Wilson